Work & Life: how to get the right balance – event last night


What a night.

Last night I hosted Work & Life: how to get the right balance, and my expectations were exceeded!

I knew I had some great speakers, who had wonderful stories and advice to share, and I knew our audience would be great too – but I have so many ‘take-aways’, more than I expected – more than this blog can accommodate (so watch out for more . . . ).

Helen started us off with ‘who here is a leader’ and reminded us of the important role a leader plays in relation to work/life balance.  She told us how to initiate a conversation with your supervisor about flexible work, and her own experiences over the years.  Helen referenced Simon Sinek, and why she likes his philosophies in relation to leadership.

Anthony had the groups support in relation to ironing; and the importance of delegating and outsourcing.  Why working to your strengths is so important, and he used The Eisenhower Box as an example.  His advice in relation to email was practical, and easy to implement.

Belinda encouraged us to ascertain what work/life balance means to us.  If you don’t know what you are looking for, you cannot ask for it!  She explained how she has found balance, and how negotiating her hours allows her to ‘have it all’, though some sacrifices were made, overall it was a win-win.

Our panel were asked ‘what advice would you give a 20 year old version of yourself’ and ‘how to you describe work/life balance’.  Throughout the evening the conversations were authentic, advice being given and received openly, opinions shared and supported, and the atmosphere was positive and encouraging.

Our venue was spectacular – unique for an event like this; almost quirky . . .  Foundation Early Learning centre opened their doors to us for the evening.  The centre opened in January, and the facilities are top class.  City views, large outdoor space, and their in-house chef prepared our canapes.

This event served as an opportunity to ‘start the conversation’ about work/life balance; and I am happy to confirm it did!

Already today I am receiving messages from guests, so impressed with the night and the practical advice they know they can implement immediately.

Thank you to our sponsors: LeadershipEQ, Right Price Property, Raw Lovely Two, Dendy, Global Innovations, and Foundation Early Learning Coorparoo.

Thank you to our speakers: Helen Rogerson, Anthony Hayley, Belinda Imani, Angela Frame and Troy Schoenfisch.

I look forward to hosting you all again.

Two is better than one.

#makingitwork #worklifebalance #worklifebalance

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