Consistency & Accountability – how great teams succeed!

As an avid sporting fan, I enjoyed watching the Grand Finals for the AFL and NRL. There is so much I could comment on in relation to the results, effort, energy, entertainment, or speeches; but I will focus on the outcome from the NRL Grand Final – where the minor premieres the Melbourne Storm, took home the trophy.

Their season demonstrates that Consistency & Accountability, are the key to success, (and ultimately results) – and not just this year. They are one of the most consistent teams in NRL history, making the finals every year (except one), since they joined the competition. Every week, they perform well. Every player appears to put in the same level of energy and effort, and they are competitive each and every game. There are few peaks or troughs, never do they ‘have a bad day’, and they celebrate all the ‘little wins’ with such enthusiasm.

Watching the Melbourne Storm play a rugby league game inspires me. I want to work in a team like that, where everyone turns up for the benefit of the group, all day, every day. Where we hold each other accountable for our effort, and results; and where we can celebrate our success’s together, as a team.

Seems simple in theory. . . Anyone can produce ‘good results’ for a day, or a week, or even a month, but it is those whose effort and energy are the same every day that I want to work with. Those who contribute to the team, all the time; and are accountable for their actions. They boost morale, are vocal with their support for others, and achieve their targets – 100% of the time, with zero excuses.

The Melbourne players interviewed all talk about the ‘winning culture’, the family values, their consistency, and the performance-based style of their Coach. Their families were on the field quickly after full-time, and partners, parents, and team-mates were all thanked in interviews with the media. This demonstrates to me a great team culture; where they are all working towards the same goal.

Whether you are the Premieres currently holding the trophy, or a team looking to improve your results; Consistency & Accountability are the key to success. In business, as leaders, and as professionals, this is the trophy we should all be aiming for.


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About Me:

I am a passionate recruitment leader, based in Brisbane. I love to help clients find the right person for their organisation, and help candidates find the ‘best fit’ for them.

I am mum to a threenager; and I understand the battle to find work/life balance. I call a spade a spade, and I’m a huge Rugby League fan.

I believe in Results Orientated Working Environments, equal pay for equal work, and the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality.

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