What does your social media profile say about you?

Is your Instagram full of inappropriate ‘personal’ pictures?

Half-naked selfies, or videos of you over-indulging on the weekend?

What about Facebook?

Does it present the image you want to project to prospective employers?

Comments and posts included?

The argument could easily be, ‘why would that factor into a hiring decision?’ but the reality is that your publicly available content can be a decision-making factor, like other aspects of your application. Take this example:

Candidate 1:

  • CV matches the job requirements.
  • Interviews well, and has good references.
  • Upon a ‘Google search’, appears to fit in culturally.

Candidate 2:

  • CV matches the job requirements.
  • Interviews well, and has good references.
  • A ‘Google search’ demonstrates evidence of a culture different to that of the business, and its current team members.

The hiring manager has to make the final decision on who to hire. Both candidates presented as viable options on paper and at interview, but now the manager also has to consider culture fit.

You need to be true to who you are – but always keep in mind, you are representing a company’s brand if hired.

We live in the age of social media, and it is now becoming a part of the recruitment process for many organisations. How you portray yourself on social media could be a reason you do or don’t get a job offer.

Before you apply for a job, do a quick audit on your social media accounts. Should you set your account to private? If you choose to have it open, are you happy with how your account represents you? Is your LinkedIn profile up to date? Google yourself – what comes up?

I can assure you, employers are incorporating these quick searches . . . will you be happy with what they find?

Always consider: What does your social media say about you?



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About Me:

I am a passionate recruitment leader, based in Brisbane. I love to help clients find the right person for their organisation, and help candidates find the ‘best fit’ for them.

I am mum to a threenager; and I understand the battle to find work/life balance. I call a spade a spade, and I’m a huge Rugby League fan.

I believe in Results Orientated Working Environments, equal pay for equal work, and the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality.

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