Working Parents; without great support networks, we could never get the job done!

Get the job done: How individual awards are achieved by those with amazing support networks . . .

I am a huge Rugby League fan.

I grew up on the sidelines of a club in Logan, where my brothers played. There were a few years that we were at that club every day of the week, our parents would be driving us to training through the week, and games on the weekend. As passionate and skilled the players are, it is parents, partners, and volunteers that really ensure that these ‘kids’ get the opportunity to go on to play professionally.

I watched the Dally M Awards ceremony, and it was so nice to hear the award winners thank their parents, coaches, support staff, and partners for their support. In particular, this by Cameron Smith:

“We were just talking this year when I’d played my 40th State of Origin game. Forty games, each game is 10 days in camp, so that’s 400 days I’ve spent away from my family and my beautiful wife. She’s been at home that whole time with our three children, looking after them and raising them.

Making sure everything’s great at home so I don’t have to worry about a whole heap apart from getting my job done at training and on the weekends. . .

Barb, I don’t think I’d be up here with this thing around my neck if it wasn’t for you. And obviously my mum and dad and brother and sister back home watching too, great support of mine. If I could, I just want to thank my teammates and my coaches once again. Guys, you make my job so enjoyable every day to come to training and on the weekend you’ve helped get my job done, so thank you very much”

400 days away, from his wife and children to ‘get his job done’. It was a nice reminder about the importance of having a great support person, regardless of your career.  Whether you are a professional sports person, or you work in an office, there are times when your job takes you away from home, for longer than you want.

I spoke to a client yesterday about employment contracts, and the recommended 38 hour working week. We both laughed as we discussed that, when was the last time either of us worked 38 hours in a week? We are constantly torn between our responsibilities at work, and our responsibilities at home – the battle to be good at both.

My husband drops our son at day care, and picks him up every day. There are times I leave our house with them both still in bed, and I return just in time to see our son before he falls asleep. This is of course not ideal, but sometimes it is reality. I don’t want to be away from him that long, but sometimes it is what I have to do, ‘to get my job done’.

I am far from a professional sports star (in talent, and income), but I do have the support to allow me to do my job. A job I love, and I have been passionate about for many years. I am dedicated to my career, and my family, and I know I have that opportunity because of my partner, and support network.

Try to take some time today to thank your support network, your partner, your family, your teammates – those that help you ‘get your job done’ and look after things while you are away.

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About Me:

I am a passionate recruitment leader, based in Brisbane. I love to help clients find the right person for their organisation, and help candidates find the ‘best fit’ for them.

I am mum to a threenager; and I understand the battle to find work/life balance. I call a spade a spade, and I’m a huge Rugby League fan.

I believe in Results Orientated Working Environments, equal pay for equal work, and the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality.

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