Parenting Fail – Home haircuts; they are never a good idea!

Home Haircuts; they are never a good idea!  Why professionals are worth every dollar . .

Why professionals are worth every dollar . . .It was two days before my son’s birthday party, and I had asked my husband to take him for a haircut in time for his special day. To put it bluntly: it didn’t go to plan.

I arrived home from work, and to my horror, our sons light blonde locks were now jagged, uneven, messy, and SHORT, (basically a very bad shaved head).

My husband explained, “The hairdresser we normally go to was closed, so I took out my old clippers, and did it myself.”

This is not the kind of problem-solving I needed. It was a Thursday night, meaning that there would be a vast selection of hairdressers open until late. There was always Friday. But he decided that the only fall-back plan was a DIY job. On our poor son. Two days before his birthday party. . .

You bet that the next day, I rushed home from work to get a professional to clean up this disaster of a home-haircut.

The reason I feel comfortable discussing this with you, is as a recruiter, I want to stress the importance of hiring a professional to do the jobs you’re not trained/equipped to do.

Sometimes, as recruiters, we can make our job look easy. While I may have the ability to get a list of top candidates for a role in as little as half an hour; it is my experience, expertise, comprehensive background checks, thorough interviews, continual sourcing, a database of existing options, and at the end of the day, a high-quality service – that is why you come to me – the recruitment professional!

The fees we charge are due to that experience, and the ability to get the right result. My husband assumed because he owned hair clippers, he had the skills to complete a quality haircut. He had the same tools, but he didn’t know how to use them to get the right result.

Normally, you don’t do your own haircuts, (or plumbing, painting, tax accounting, or recruitment); you go to a expert. Those trained professionals make it look easy, but if you don’t have the experience, it is unlikely you will be happy with the results. Let my poor son’s haircut create a valuable lesson that if you aren’t trained to do the job, you should engage a professional.

And remember, home haircuts are never a good idea.

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About Me:

I am a passionate recruitment leader, based in Brisbane. I love to help clients find the right person for their organisation, and help candidates find the ‘best fit’ for them.

I am mum to a threenager; and I understand the battle to find work/life balance. I call a spade a spade, and I’m a huge Rugby League fan.

I believe in Results Orientated Working Environments, equal pay for equal work, and the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality.

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